DayZ Mod update 1.7.6


DayZ Mod update 1.7.6  about new zombie logic, arrows, and a fight about cans and you can read full patch note and download on this below


The ideal place to load bugs is at the community bug tracker:

Please make sure they are listed to the DayZ project. Feature requests can also be made through this system.

Patch Download:
DayZ Files: http://cdn.armafiles…1.7.6-Patch.rar
Hive Files: http://cdn.armafiles…1.7.6-Patch.rar
Full Download:

Client Files: http://cdn.armafiles…-1.7.6-Full.rar
Server Files: http://cdn.armafiles…-1.7.6-Full.rar

* [Prerequisites] beta-patch (
* [Prerequisites] Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 x86 Redistributable (…ls.aspx?id=8328)
* [Prerequisites] New Mission File Downloaded from (http://www.silentspy…sion-generator/)
Build Notes:

* dayz_code

* dayz_sfx

* dayz_server

* dayz_communityassets

* [NEW] – Added a 2 minute delay to new zeds spawning once MaxLocal zeds fall’s below the acceptable level.

* [NEW] – Added new sfx for chopping wood.

* [NEW] – Started Update for Cherno intro. (map intro)

* [NEW] – Zed attraction, this will draw zeds to loiter closer to players over time.

* [NEW] – BAF_L85A2_RIS_SUSAT – (Heilcrash – HeliCrash_No50s)

* [NEW] – Crossbow Quiver added – 6 arrow mag size.

* [NEW] – WoodenArrow added 6 arrows can be turned into a quiver.

* [NEW] – WoodenArrow can be picked up after use.

* [NEW] – 20% of breaking WoodenArrow when firing it.

* [NEW] – Crowbar now attaches to toolbelt.

* [NEW] – Added Anti teleport script. Reported to server’s RPT log

* [NEW] – New models by JoeysLucky22:

- (Soda)  Long’s Island Iced Tea (Clayton)

- (Soda)  Dr. Wasteland (Dr. wasteland)

- (Soda)  Mikhail Made Lemonade (-=PA=-Mikhail)

- (Soda)  LVG Root Beer (LVG)

- (Soda)  Mountain Green

- (Soda)  mZLY yZLY (mZLY)

- (Soda)  R4Z0R soda (R4Z0R)

- (Soda)  Smasht (Smasht)

- (Beer)  Rabbitman (Rabbitman)

- (Can) Bad Guy’s Ubiquitous Peaches (UbiquitousBadGuy)

- (Can) Chef Boneboy Ravioli (Boneboys)

- (Can) Curgon’s Chicken Noodle Soup (Curgon)

- (Can) Demon Groves Green Beans (DemonGroover)

- (Can) FraggleOs (Fraggle)

- (Can) Griff Black Beans (Griff)

- (Can) Herpy Dooves Canned Muffins (DerpyHooves)

- (Can) Orlok Mixed Fruit (orlok)

- (Can) Powell’s New England Clam Chowder (Powell)

- (Can) Unlabeled Can

- (Can) Tyler’s Kidney Beans

- (Can) Conrad’s Whole Kernel Corn


* [NEW] – New models by Elvaron:

- New melee weapon: Machete – (Farm – Hunting)

- New Food: Pack of pistachios

- New Food: Pack of trail mix

- New Food: MRE military rations (Military Loot)

- New junk loot

- Model for Compass instead of green pouch in loot pile

- 2rnd shells for pellet and slugshot shotgun ammunition (no more 8 bullets shown on ground when it’s actually 2 bullets)

- New models and textures for FoodBaconRaw and FoodBaconCooked.

- Model and textures for Quiver.


* [UPDATED] – BoltsSteel replaced with WoodenArrows.

* [UPDATED] – BAF_L85A2_RIS_Holo Removed from crash site’s added to Military tables

* [UPDATED] – loot weighted array generation fixed.

* [UPDATED] – Updated logout system to check radius of zeds from 50 meters to 35 meters (30 sec count)

* [UPDATED] – Player range on logout to 6 meters. (30 Sec count)

* [UPDATED] – Max Range of targets 120 meters down from 300 meters. (this should help long range agro, This is zeds max target range).

* [UPDATED] – AI behavior updated to try making them zigzag less.

* [UPDATED] – Added push bikes to the zeds pull from vehilce list.

* [UPDATED] – Epeen key moved to Custom Controls – Use action key 20 (No default key needs setting up)

* [UPDATED] – Zeds Targets array modified

* [UPDATED] – Weapon fire sounds divided by 2 (This will help us settle zeds hearing a little more) (107_DZ Zed pull range 450 meters / 2 = 225 meters (capped 120 meters aboue for now))

* [UPDATED] – Max local zeds per client now fixed at 40 zeds, Global at 40 +10 foreach player within 400 meters and total 500 zeds max.

* [UPDATED] – Added some Czech language

* [UPDATED] – Updated zed attraction to dead players from 50 meters to 20 meters.

* [UPDATED] – Players will now drop empty cans after consumption to nearest lootpile or creates new one.

* [UPDATED] – Updated Infection to cough, shake camera and loose blood.

* [UPDATED] – Updated russian string tables.

* [UPDATED] – Backpack Spawns should now see higher grade backpacks more.

* [UPDATED] – Deer stands has it’s own loot table (Hunting).

* [UPDATED] – Reduced Zed Running Speed.


* [FIXED] – Zeds talk, lowed to 80 meters down from 200 meters this will stop any zeds targeting for sight/noise outside of this radius

* [FIXED] – CookedBeef StringTables now added.

* [FIXED] – Spanish, French StringTables updated.

* [FIXED] – logout timers updated from sleep 3 to sleep 1 this should now fix long logout timers.

* [FIXED] – Zeds should no longer walk though all objects. (Some objects can still be walked thought)

* [FIXED] – Updated refuel to attract zeds. (3-6 Meters)

* [FIXED] – EH’s updated to work with Battleye filters.

* [FIXED] – Ammo counts now fixed on dc.

* [FIXED] – Zeds will no longer magically hit players just because they’re within 3 meters. ( Zeds can no longer dmg without running the attack animations. (running into zeds will no longer dmg the player))

* [FIXED] – Fixed some base class’s for vehicles reporting issues with crew

* [FIXED] – You can now logout with a broke leg.

* [FIXED] – Temperature icon should not disappear anymore.

* [FIXED] – Humanity should now work increase again.

* [FIXED] – Chemlights and flares now work again.

* [FIXED] – time is now set on startup.

* [FIXED] – Hatchet and crowbar don’t require reload anymore.

* [FIXED] – Hatchet and crowbar no longer overwrite each other.

* [FIXED] – Exploit when converting Mags into other mags (Example – DMR to M24 then back)

* [FIXED] – Blood particles not shown for player.

* [FIXED] – Hide body animation not shown for player.


Combat Roll

* [Fixed] – No longer possible to combat roll with broken leg

* [Fixed] – Added 4 sec delay to multiple rolls.

* [Fixed] – No longer possible to combat roll over player created objects (tents, sandbags so on)

* [Fixed] – No longer combat roll in buildings.


* [REMOVED] – Chase combat logging systems removed. (Removed due to ealry warning of agro)

* [REMOVED] – Debriefing window has started to be cleaned up. (blank box on dc)

* [REMOVED] – BearTrap Due to issues with the trap still staying active after removal.

* [REMOVED] – DZ_Patrol_Pack_EP1 Due to us no longer planing to remove backpacks from new spawns.

* [REMOVED] – All chance based systems for sight and sound from zeds they will now only agro if in view or your making noise. Should allow more freedom to move.
Known Bugs:

Zombies attacking through objects.
Quick Install Info:


  • Download Full Client Files and beta files from links above.
  • Navigate to your arma 2 operation arrowhead directory
  • Extract the @Dayz-1.7.6-Full.rar into your arma 2 operation arrowhead directory and install the newest beta.
  • To start DayZ use a command line string like the below

Expansion\beta\ARMA2OA.exe -mod=@Dayz;CA;Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion -noFilePatching -skipIntro -nosplash -noPause -world=Chernarus



  • Download Patch Client Files and beta files from links above.
  • Navigate to your arma 2 operation arrowhead directory
  • Extract the @Dayz-1.7.6-Patch.rar into your arma 2 operation arrowhead directory and install the newest beta.
  • To start DayZ use a command line string like the below

Expansion\beta\ARMA2OA.exe -mod=@Dayz;CA;Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion -noFilePatching -skipIntro -nosplash -noPause -world=Chernarus



  • Right click Arma2: DayZ Mod, select properties.
  • When the window pops up go to the “BETAS” tab
  • Now Select 1.7.6 in the drop down box.
  • The files should now should now update
  • Launch as normal


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